The Sentinel of Fate  

The first book in the trilogy series...



     Interviewed by

Tabitha Robin


Interview with Author Richard Drennan.

Interviewed By The Book Hall Of Fame Literary Reviews

Book Hall Of Fame Literary Reviews: Tell us about your writing career?

Richard: I started writing originally 27 years ago when I was working graveyard shift security, when other guards where sleeping on the job, to keep my mind active and awake. I would Write a few lines to a few paragraphs and walk my rounds. Little did I realize that after 17 years I would call it finished then loose the manuscript for 10 years. I recently found it, scanned it into my computer, ran it thru a spell checker, rewrote a bit of it and TA-DA! done! 

Book Hall Of Fame Literary Reviews: Have you ever written under a pseudonym?

Richard: No, I never even considered using another name, in my career as Technical Support for an equipment distributor if my writing does become well know it could become an advantage to my regular job and using another name I would loose that advantage.

Book Hall Of Fame Literary Reviews: We have heard from previous guest Authors that they "cook" their stories in their mind, or write as it basically unfolds in their mind. Some even use an outline. How do you develop your story lines?

Richard: I have been told, and I tend to agree, that I have an active imagination. When I write, I usually have a general idea of a destination, but let the sequence unfold as I write, so the story happens for me as it happens for the reader as they read. I am as surprised or saddened or shocked or happy as they would be as the story progresses thanks to my imagination.

Book Hall Of Fame Literary Reviews: What advice would you give aspiring writers on getting published?

Richard: Don't listen to the negative people that say negative thing about trying to publish. Don't listen and just keep plugging away and don't take "no" for an answer. 

Book Hall Of Fame Literary Reviews: Any horror stories on your dealings with publishers?

Richard: No horror stories, but when I was first researching the topic and looking for publisher what I did find was discouraging. What I found was they wanted a large amount of money from to publish my book. From my understanding of publisher, and maybe I was wrong, I thought that if a publisher liked you manuscript they published your book and paid you the royalties. But, after awhile, maybe that was just in the movies, then I found Publish America. I submitted my manuscript then less than a week later I received an email from the editor saying they liked it and wanted to publish it at no cost to me. Now here I am with a published book at no expense to me. 

Book Hall of Fame Literary Reviews: Do you have an agent? If so how would you advise an aspirating writer on finding an agent?

Richard: No, I don't have an agent. I researched the possibility. From what I found it was a catch 22. You couldn't get an agent with out a publisher and you couldn't get a recognized publisher without an agent. That's where Publish America came into the picture, they give first time authors a chance. They do have standards, not all books are accepted, and I'm sorry for those that aren't, and all I have to say to those that aren't is "keep trying"

Book Hall of Fame Literary Reviews: How many novels have you written and what are the titles?

Richard: This is my first, "The Sentinel of Fate", but, I am working on the sequel, "The Sentinel of Fate, Full Circle", I figure I'll have it complete by end of 2009 hopefully 

Book Hall of Fame Literary Reviews: What made you decide to write in the genre you do, as opposed to other genres?

Richard: I am a Sci-Fi Fantasy Crime Drama fan. As a kid I used to stay up late to watch the Twilight Zone, Night Gallery and Tails from the Dark side and things like that. I couldn't get enough. These days, if I had my way at home the only channel I would have on the would be the Sci-Fi channel but being married we share.

Book Hall of Fame Literary Reviews: Where did you get the idea to mix Native American religious ideals with Christian beliefs?

Richard: Have no idea where that question came from because I haven't mixed any religious beliefs

Book Hall of Fame Literary Reviews: Where do you get your inspiration for your works?

Richard: From and active childhood imagination and allot of science fiction TV

Book Hall of Fame Literary Reviews: How long did it take you to finish your book?

Richard: From start to finis 27 years, I physically lost the manuscript for 10 years and when I was cleaning out some boxes and throwing away a few things I almost threw out a manila envelope, stopped, looked inside and found my lost manuscript.

Book Hall of Fame Literary Reviews: Do you want to continue to write more books?

Richard: Yes, I have plans to write a mini series of this book.

Book Hall of Fame Literary Reviews: Who is your inspiration?

Richard: No one in particular. Unlike most people, I don't have a hero, or a movie star that I follow or that I swoon over. They all put their pants on just like me, one leg at a time.

Book Hall of Fame Literary Reviews: Do you have a favorite Poet/Author?

Richard: Honestly, no one comes to mind off the top of my head.

Book Hall of Fame Literary Reviews: What is the best thing to you about writing?

Richard: It allows me to be creative in a way that goes beyond that of just watching a movie. To enjoy the outcome of a storyline and be the one that is the creator.

Book Hall of Fame Literary Reviews: What are some other hobbies?

Richard: I am an avid off-road enthusiast, I have a 1971 International Scout 800b Scout 4X4, But, it's far from being anything from stock. It's lifted about 3 feet off the ground. I've had this truck now for 22 years and have only recently been able to afford to take it beyond stock to become a true off-road 4X4 only vehicle. I also enjoy hunting, fishing and camping, all of these unfortunately I don't get to do anywhere as much as would like to do, You know, I owe, I owe, so off to work I go....

Book Hall of Fame Literary Reviews: Tell us something about your life that no one else knows?

Richard: When I was growing up, I was told by my real father "Why try?, you'll never make anything of yourself", this made me so angry hearing this at 8 plus years old that I never accepted people telling me something couldn't be done. If I had something that didn't work, or I didn't know something and needed to have that work or needed to know it, I went to find it or fix it or find out how to fix it. In short I think I set out to prove that he was wrong, that I would make something of myself, that I would be the best at what I do. In my career, previously to Technical Support, I was an HVAC Technician for 25 years, according to one employer, I was the highest paid, most valuable and efficient technician they had ever encountered. I endeavored to be the best and would not accept anything less. I was in a propane explosion that hospitalized me and forced me out of the field but with my experience as a technician and being well known in the trade was contacted by local distributors and offered positions as Technical support for equipment manufacturers. So my point is, and I think I said this earlier, don't listen to the negative people, or if you do then do the opposite, if they say you can't do it, then do everything humanly possible to make it happen then go the extra mile and never give up for in the end you will feel the pride of you accomplishments.